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The production and preparation technology of cemented carbide has always been the research and development direction of the world's attention.

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As a key tool material supporting the development of manufacturing industry, the production and preparation technology of cemented carbide has always been the research and development direction of the world.

All aspects of the industrial production of ultrafine grained WC-Co cemented carbide should be carried out under very high quality control standards, and the key link lies in the preparation of ultrafine raw material powder, powder blank forming and sintering process control and control. The use of ultra-fine grain alloy preparation technology to improve the level of China's cemented carbide products to upgrade their quality and value-added should be based on a comprehensive grasp of the relevant knowledge system of ultra-fine powder and alloy system, stable and perfect production process and technology, large-scale manufacturing costs are low, analysis and evaluation technology and methods are standardized and in line with international standards, so that the products have a strong performance-price ratio and international market competitiveness.

It should be pointed out that the development of foreign ultra-fine cemented carbide production technology is the joint, division of labor and cooperation of international excellent enterprises and research institutions under a clear common development strategic goal. After long-term, systematic and in-depth application of basic research and practical development, it is a systematic project involving a wide range of aspects.

China's state-owned and private enterprises and related research institutions in the hard alloy industry should learn from their successful experience in market-oriented operation, based on the existing material and technical basis and give full play to China's ability to concentrate resources to jointly tackle key problems, reduce enterprise development risks, break through the advantages of major common key technologies, through unremitting efforts: improve the batch preparation technology of high purity, high stability, low "hard agglomeration" ultra-fine powder raw materials; to study the behavior of ultrafine and nano-cemented carbide powders under various pressure forming conditions and the evaluation methods of powder compact quality; to master the densification and material migration laws of alloy blanks during sintering, to precisely control the carbon content and WC grain growth of the alloy and its corresponding sintering technology; to understand the relationship between alloy composition and its microstructure changes and material properties; to carry out quantitative quality inspection and analysis and evaluation technology research of powder and alloy, and establish corresponding quality standards and databases; to effectively improve independent development capabilities and form high-performance ultrafine cemented carbide series products with China's independent intellectual property rights; It is also necessary to study the production safety and the industrial hygiene of operators in the production process of fine-grained cemented carbide and take corresponding control measures to ensure civilized production.