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Tungsten market transactions scarce raw materials, tungsten products market prices are down.

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Tungsten market transactions are scarce, tungsten raw materials, tungsten products market prices are down, 65% black tungsten concentrate down to 72000 yuan/ton, APT down to 112000 yuan/ton, eight tungsten enterprises to limit production and price increase meeting did not see results.

Average Market Price of Main Tungsten Products




export price

wolframite concentrate


72000 yuan/ton


scheelite concentrate


70000 yuan/ton


Ammonium paratungstate

≥ 88.5%

112000 yuan/ton

US $204/ton

tungsten powder

≥ 99.95%

182 yuan/kg


tungsten carbide powder


180 yuan/kg

US $27/kg

1# tungsten bar

≥ 99.95%

230 yuan/kg