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"Transformation and Upgrading" of Diamond Products Industry under Internet Panic"

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Diamond is the hardest substance known in the world, and the hardness of cubic boron nitride is second only to diamond. The hardness of these two materials is much higher than other materials, including the abrasive material corundum, silicon carbide and tool material carbide, high-speed steel. Therefore, compared with the above-mentioned traditional hard material tools, diamond tools have longer service life, lower loss and higher efficiency in industrial processing, especially in processing hard materials. With the continuous maturity of synthetic diamond production technology and the continuous improvement of production, the price of diamond products has shown a long-term downward trend, and the prominence of cost performance continues to promote its replacement of traditional hard material tools. It can be determined that the continued growth of the world industry in the future and the substitution effect will continue to promote the expansion of the artificial diamond industry.

Diamond products industry, especially artificial diamond products industry is a booming "sunrise industry" in China, and has been known as the most promising and promising industry. Used in many fields, grinding tools, drilling tools, sawing tools, cutting tools are the four main application areas. Diamond abrasive tools and cutting tools are mainly used in mechanical processing industry and optical glass industry. Sawing tools are widely used in cutting and processing of natural stone and artificial stone in building materials. Drilling tools are mainly used in geological exploration and drilling of oil and gas wells. Wire drawing dies are specially used for drawing wires and various metal wires for screens.

China is the world's artificial diamond production base: human discovery of natural diamond has a history of 3000 years. In the early days, people used coarse-grained natural diamond to make various processing tools, but due to scarce mineral deposits, difficult mining, and expensive, the application is quite limited. In the middle of the 20th century, with the advent of synthetic diamonds, diamond tools have developed rapidly in industrial applications. Since the beginning of the 21st century, with China's breakthrough in the field of equipment, technology and raw material synthesis, the domestic synthetic diamond production has increased rapidly, with an average annual compound growth rate of 16.4. At present, China is the world's largest production base of superhard materials, accounting for more than 70% of the world's total output.

But China's synthetic diamond industry is big but not strong. Compared with the international industrial advanced countries, China's synthetic diamond industry still has a certain gap in terms of product variety and quality, or in terms of process technology and equipment, mainly manifested in: few coarse particles and high toughness products, few product varieties and grades, and lagging standard detection level; The synthetic high-pressure reaction chamber has small volume, low yield and low production efficiency. The synthetic process has poor controllability and great influence of human factors, research on the application of new technologies lags behind. As a result, most of our products can only enter the DIY market, with low prices and low profits, and cannot enter the general and professional markets in large quantities.

Today, the Internet has changed the way we obtain information, the way we spread it, the way we communicate with people, the way we trade, and the future also includes changing the way we communicate. Its scope of influence will include life, society, economy, politics and other aspects. So that all industries can use the Internet to create new models. From this point of view, it will disrupt all industries. The same is true for the diamond products industry.

The report of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward that "we should adhere to the industrialization driven by informatization and promote informatization by industrialization, so as to create a new industrialization road with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play of human resources advantages. "This requires us to use joy technology to provide the level of the diamond products industry, accelerate the development process, and transform the traditional diamond products industry. To achieve high output, good quality, low cost, good efficiency.

Generally speaking, the larger the scale of traditional industries, the more information asymmetry that the Internet can change, and the greater the impact it will be. For the diamond products industry, because of the high barriers to the industry, it has brought a lot of information asymmetry. The Internet can solve the problem of information asymmetry and will inevitably play a very positive subversive role in this industry.