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    Quality management system is the key link of enterprise's core competitiveness

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    Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a company with perfect quality management system, and passed the ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS18001 three system certification. The company has been named as Jinan "AAA" level reputation enterprise, the city's ideological and political work excellent enterprise, and won the provincial "Rich people and Lu" labor award and provincial "provincial spiritual civilization unit" and other titles. The company obtained the "high-tech enterprise Certificate" of Shandong Province; By the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission identified as the "Shandong Province identified enterprise technology center", with its strong scientific and technological innovation ability, fine production management, outstanding business performance has attracted the attention of the industry, become the director unit of China Tungsten Industry Association, cemented carbide Association executive director unit.

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