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Internal and foreign trade salesman

Job Description

Internal and foreign trade salesman
Job responsibilities:
1. Integrate customer resources, dredge sales channels, and be fully responsible for product promotion and sales.
2. Grasp customer needs, build channels, actively develop and complete the task indicators issued by superiors.
3. Establish and maintain good customer relationship.
4, grasp the market dynamics, timely report to the sales manager.
5, the contract planning and writing, as well as responsible for product inspection, delivery.
6. Consolidate old customers and explore new customers.
7, the customer management system and market competition system to make reasonable suggestions.
8. Evaluate, forecast and control sales costs to maximize sales profits.
9. Actively communicate and coordinate with relevant departments to optimize the production and sales process.
10. Participate in the planning and implementation of trade fairs, provide quality services and improve the added value of products.
1, bachelor degree or above, outstanding talents can be negotiated for relaxation.
2. Between the age of 25-35, have good eloquence communication ability, have been engaged in this industry or related industries, have certain sales experience, have certain understanding ability and learning ability. After the training can carry out business alone.
3. Foreign trade salesmen are required to be able to communicate normally with foreign customers or edit emails.
4. Experience in cemented carbide is preferred.
5. The salary of outstanding talents and talents in the industry is negotiable.

Contact information: Human Resources Department 0531-58679327, email: zhangbin@jimscarbide.com