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    The State Reserve Bureau's purchase and storage plan has been implemented, and the tungsten market quotation has risen

    The State Reserve Bureau's tungsten concentrate purchase and storage plan was implemented, and the tungsten market price kept rising. , the market for downstream products is improving, and the transaction is active.





    Tight supply and demand, cobalt prices rose nearly 80% in 4 months

    According to the data of the business society, in February 2017, the performance of cobalt ingots in the domestic small metal sector was eye-catching, and the price rose all the way. As of the 20th, the average price of cobalt in the domestic market was 376,500 yuan/ton, up 27.99% from the average market price at the beginning of the month at 294,166.66 yuan/ton. Since the start of the rising cobalt price in November 2016, it has risen by 76.35%.





    Upgrading of consumption structure, China's cemented carbide has more room for growth

    In recent years, China's tungsten demand has generally been weak, but the cemented carbide market has a large space. Affected by the weakening of the macro economy and the consumption of LEDs replacing tungsten wire, the demand for tungsten in China has generally been weak in recent years. However, considering factors such as the upgrade of consumption structure, the increase in the penetration rate of cemented carbide, and the import substitution of high-end products, China's cemented carbide has a large room for growth.





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