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Mining Alloy Engineer

Job Description

Mining Alloy Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the research and development, design and improvement of mining alloys, and develop new high-strength, high wear-resistant and high corrosion-resistant mining alloy materials.
2. Formulate and implement new product development plans, and be responsible for testing, optimizing and implementing mass production of new products.
3, research new production technology and production equipment, improve production efficiency and quality.
4. Coordinate and organize to solve technical problems in the production process.
5. Understand the market demand and technology development trends, and provide targeted product technical support.
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in material science and engineering, metallurgical engineering, inorganic non-metallic materials engineering, etc.
2. At least 5 years experience in mining alloy research and development, familiar with the use characteristics of metal materials in the mining industry under wear, corrosion and high temperature environment.
3. Have a strong foundation of metal materials science and material design ability, familiar with material characterization methods and testing.
4. Proficient in solid solution treatment, heat treatment and other alloy preparation processes, familiar with vacuum metallurgy, powder metallurgy and other new technologies.
5. Strong communication and coordination skills and team spirit, able to lead the team to complete product development tasks.
6. The salary of outstanding talents and talents in the industry is negotiable.

Contact information: Human Resources Department 0531-58679327, email: zhangbin@jimscarbide.com