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    Carbide round rod, cost-effective, solve the same problem with less money, no loss, cost saving

    Excellent Material

    Compared with ordinary steel, high precision, strong endurance, impact resistance and wear resistance are improved by 50-100 times

    Customized On Demand

    According to customer needs, customized production to meet customer requirements of various specifications, improve product quality grades

    Complete Variety

    Widely used in various knives, abrasive tools, punching needles, needle gauges, thimbles

    Wear-resistant And Efficient

    Significantly reduce the update frequency of wear parts Improve cost efficiency and reduce labor costs

    Jinan Metallurgical Research Institute

    Jinan Metallurgical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a professional cemented carbide production base in China, mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of cemented carbide and related products. The factory has more than 40 years of hard alloy development and production history, with strong scientific research and production strength, as well as advanced production equipment. There are more than 500 employees, including more than 200 engineering and technical personnel, more than 30 senior engineers, and 300 sets of production and testing equipment of international and domestic first-class level. The cemented carbide products produced by our factory have excellent performance and superior quality, and enjoy a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and was rated as a first-class AAA-level credit enterprise. We have a complete range of cemented carbide products, and can provide the following products: top hammer machined welding inserts for diamond production, machine-clamped inserts, mining drill bits, ball teeth, picks; ground


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    Confidence in the tungsten market boosts the low price of tungsten concentrate or decreases

    Stimulated by the news of the state reserve purchasing and storage and the price increase of large enterprises, the confidence in the tungsten market has been further boosted. Mines are willing to increase their quotations, and traders are more reluctant to sell and cover their goods. Low quotations are reduced, and the mainstream of tungsten concentrate of 60 degrees and above may rise to 68,000-71,000 yuan / ton.



    The production and preparation technology of cemented carbide has always been the research and development direction that the world attaches great importance to

    As a key tool material supporting the development of the manufacturing industry, the production and preparation technology of cemented carbide has always been the research and development direction that the world attaches great importance to.



    The State Reserve Bureau's purchase and storage plan has been implemented, and the tungsten market quotation has risen

    The State Reserve Bureau's tungsten concentrate purchase and storage plan was implemented, and the tungsten market price kept rising. , the market for downstream products is improving, and the transaction is active.



    China has limited influence on raw material prices, optimistic about the future development of tungsten industry

    French "Le Monde" on April 7 published an article co-authored by Abdul Abiyad, economic adviser of the Asian Development Bank, and Wei Shangjin, chief economist of the bank, entitled "The Role of China in the Fall of Raw Materials" limited". The article said that China's current economic slowdown will undoubtedly have a great impact on the global economy. But its role in falling raw material prices is more limited than is commonly suggested.

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