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Company to carry out business personnel training lectures

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       In order to further improve the comprehensive quality of our business personnel, enhance the actual combat ability of the marketing team, and further enrich the knowledge reserve of business personnel and broaden the horizons of business personnel. On December 6, 2023, marketing consultant Wu Ti Zhen conducted business etiquette training for all business personnel.
The training lecturer explained in detail the table manners and social etiquette in different regions, and invited excellent business personnel to interact on the spot. And to the strange visit as the theme, personally demonstrate the actual use of etiquette in various scenes in business contacts, how to build trust with customers and so on. The participants benefited a lot.

 Li Yongjing, the leader of the company, affirmed the training, praised the positive attitude of the business personnel, and encouraged the business personnel to continue to study and forge ahead, explore and innovate, so as to provide strong support for the rapid development of the company.