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The company organized the "quality 100 day" activities

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In order to strengthen the company's quality management and comprehensively improve the company's quality management level, the company organized the "Quality 100 Day" activity from October to December 2023. After extensive and comprehensive training, the company's quality assurance department and human resources department organized the company's production, technology, quality and front-line personnel to take the quality basic knowledge examination on January 11, 2024, and the company's leaders Liao Mao and Si Chaoqiang participated in the invigilation.

This examination mainly focuses on the quality and process aspects, and involves the company's quality management system documents, process system requirements, record management and other contents. Through the examination, the staff will be further aware of the basic knowledge of quality and consolidate the effect of the early training.

   Liao Mao, the leader of the company, proposed in the company meeting to make learning a habit, to improve employees' understanding of quality knowledge and product knowledge through continuous training, and to test the effect of training by means of examination. In the later period, an examination should be organized every six months. He also said that the company will carry out employee skills competition, a combination of written examinations and practical exercises in the near future, and select employees with outstanding skills through competitions, which will gradually form in the company.The strong atmosphere of "learning to catch up with and surpass", respecting knowledge and paying attention to skilled talents, and building a talent growth platform to provide talent support for the rapid development of the company.