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The production of rock drilling tools in China has made great progress after decades of development.

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The production of rock drilling tools in China has made great progress after decades of development.


After decades of development, the production of rock drilling tools in China has made great progress. On this basis, further analysis and understanding of the production status and development direction of rock drilling tools will have a certain role and significance in promoting the technological progress and quality improvement of China's brazing steel products.

China began to produce air-leg rock drills, carbon steel drill rods and one-shaped drill bits in the mid-1950s. In the mid-1960s, with the increasing demand for drilling tools in mining, the relevant ministries and commissions of the state began to invest in the construction of hollow steel and rock drilling tools production workshops in steel production enterprises. In the early 1970 s, a mass production scale of 22mm hexagonal drill rods and a glyph drill bit was formed. At the end of the 1970 s, the domestic 22mm drill rod and a letter-shaped drill bit met the needs of the mining industry at that time, and the quality of the drill products was also greatly improved.

Since the 1980 s, the speed of domestic infrastructure projects has accelerated, and construction units have successively introduced a large number of hydraulic rock drilling rigs from abroad, of which full hydraulic drilling rigs are the main ones. Domestic scientific research and production units have done a lot of work in the production and manufacture of drill rods and ball tooth drill bits for drilling vehicles, process research, and material selection, so that the production of drill rods and drill bits for drilling vehicles has formed a certain scale. By the 1990 s, with the introduction of open-air hydraulic drilling rigs, the production quantity and variety specifications of domestic drilling rigs and bits were further expanded, and many drilling tool manufacturers introduced correspondingly for drilling rods and ball teeth. The production technology and manufacturing equipment of the bit, the performance and product quality of the bit have been greatly improved, and the production and export volume have also continued to rise, making the bit one of the main varieties of my country's drill tool products. However, due to the influence of the quality factors of domestic hollow steel, there is still a certain gap between the use effect and similar foreign products.

In the early 1990 s, due to technical management, maintenance, spare parts supply, supporting drilling tool performance and other reasons, hydraulic rock drilling rigs, especially hydraulic tunneling rock drilling rigs, have not been promoted in domestic rock drilling projects, on the contrary, a large number of imported drilling rigs are idle. At the same time, the increase in self-employed small mines has increased the amount of air-leg rock drills, and 22mm drill rods and straight drill bits have become the main drill products in domestic rock drilling projects.

After the mid-1990s, the number of small domestic enterprises producing light rock drill drill products has been increasing, the production volume has increased, but the product quality has declined, and domestic drill products have begun to enter a period of price competition.

At present, the technical content of 22 mm drill rods and straight drill bits for air-leg rock drills produced by China's steel drilling and drilling enterprises is relatively low. Drilling and drilling products with relatively high technical content such as ball tooth drill bits, drill tails, high and low wind pressure down-the-hole impactor and down-the-hole drill bits also have problems such as poor quality stability coefficient and incomplete varieties and specifications. Domestic drilling engineering is now a large number of rock drilling machinery and drilling products, only equivalent to the level of industrial developed countries in the 1940 s.

At present, with the international well-known rock drilling machinery manufacturers and some domestic enterprises have invested in the field of rock drilling rigs and drilling tools manufacturing, it can be expected that the domestic drill (drill) tool market is pregnant with a stage of development from low-tech conventional products to high-tech specialized products.