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Jinan Metallurgical Institute Personal Proposal Achievement Release Conference - Automatic Mold Polishing Machine

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     In order to further mobilize the spirit of ownership among frontline employees, inspire everyone to use their intelligence and collective wisdom, and provide suggestions and suggestions for the company's cost reduction and efficiency improvement work, on June 22nd at 12:30 pm, according to the company's leadership arrangements, the Quality Lean Department organized an on-site press conference on the proposal of a self-made mold polishing machine in the mold workshop of Jinan Metallurgical Institute. The production leaders and key employees of each production department of the company participated in this on-site release activity.

     At the press conference, Ma Jide, the proposer and implementer of the proposal for a self-made mold polishing machine in the Geological and Mineral Business Department, and the mold team leader, explained to everyone why there was an idea to make this equipment, where the inspiration came from, how the design and production were completed, what goals were achieved, and what value was created.

   Since May this year, Ma Jide has been deeply understanding the production process in the mold workshop, and combined with the company's requirements for cost reduction and efficiency improvement, he has been searching for the bottleneck points in current mold production. The original mold polishing work was completely manually operated, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also carries the risk of mechanical injury. He conducted in-depth research on the issue with the production director and workshop backbone of the business unit, and believed that the polishing action of the mold is very simple and has high repeatability. It should be easy to achieve automatic polishing through mechanical structure. By consulting materials and learning from the mechanical structure seen during visits, he came up with the idea of making this equipment. In order to further reduce production costs, they borrowed a large amount of waste equipment components and used their spare time for assembly.

     After use, this device can achieve the following benefits:

1. The uniformity of mold polishing has been improved, enhancing the quality of the mold;

2. The automation of mold polishing saves manpower and reduces labor intensity;

3. Improve the efficiency of mold polishing by more than twice;

4. More than 90% of the components used in the equipment are recycled as waste equipment accessories, saving production costs.

   The Quality Lean Department organizes reviews, calculates benefits, and verifies the improvement system proposed by the company, and implements rewards as soon as possible.

   Through this proposal to improve on-site release activities, the company's employees have been greatly inspired in cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and other work, fully mobilizing their enthusiasm for innovation and creation. We believe that through the joint efforts of all employees, the company will achieve remarkable results in lean improvement, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, quality improvement, and consumption reduction.