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[Safety Experience] Jinan Metallurgical Institute organizes employees to participate in safety experience training activities

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         On June 3, 2024, Jinan Metallurgical Institute closely adhered to the theme of "Everyone talks about safety, everyone knows emergency - unobstructed life passage" safety production month, and decided to coordinate and arrange with the Department of Safety and Environmental Protection. Human resources organized representatives of employees from various departments to go to the safety experience hall for safety training experience, comprehensively enhancing the comprehensive safety awareness of employees, and truly making the "Safety Production Month" activity go deeper and more practical.

       During the event, everyone followed the guidance of the training instructor and visited experience areas such as fire safety, electricity safety, and medical first aid. Through an immersive experience, they experienced the real effects of various safety accidents and learned more intuitively about specific measures to deal with emergencies

1. Learn about building fire protection facilities

2. Experience VR Fire Workstation

3. Experience comprehensive electricity simulation system

4. Security hazard investigation

5. Smoke evacuation simulation

6. Learning the rope self rescue skill

7. Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills

8. Fire extinguishing drill

9. Seat belt experience

10. Safety helmet protection experience

11. High altitude escape experience

Although the activity is short, the memories are long

        Through this training experience, the trainees have gained a deeper understanding of dangerous operations, safety hazards, and the harm caused by accidents. Through training and learning, they have become more proficient in self rescue, emergency rescue capabilities, and emergency response measures taken after accidents occur.