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Specially invited Beijing management consulting company "Hejun Consulting" to carry out management innovation training lectures for the company.

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In order to speed up the company's high-quality development and build an advanced enterprise with fine organization, fine management and lean operation, on January 16, 2024, all middle and senior management personnel and key personnel in the workshop held a management innovation meeting in the conference room on the fifth floor of the company.This conference is invited.External management consulting firm to guide the exchange.

Mr. Zhang, an external management consulting company, took the construction of the core competitiveness of the enterprise as the starting point, introduced the advanced concept of management innovation to the participants, and introduced the management ideas, methods and effects of advanced enterprises in detail through the "organizational effectiveness model" and combined with the reality of the Institute of Metallurgy, which broadened the horizons of managers at all levels of the company.

Liao Mao, the leader of the company, expressed his high hopes for this management innovation. He hoped that through this innovation and reform, the incentive mechanism of "striving for the people" would be improved, and the enthusiasm of most of the key employees would be fully mobilized; the service purpose consciousness of "customer-centered" would be established, and the high-quality development of the enterprise would be rapidly realized on the basis of inheriting the excellent culture of the Institute of metallurgy for more than 50 years.