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The light of skills, create excellence! Jinan Metallurgical Institute Held the First Staff Skills Competition

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The light of skills, create excellence!

Jinan Metallurgical Institute Held the First Staff Skills Competition

In order to build a team of skilled and skilled learning, skilled and knowledge-based talents, in line with the principle of fairness and openness, the company held the first employee skills competition from January 22 to January 26, 2024.


In this competition, the staff of Jinan Metallurgical Institute showed a good spirit of "striving for the first place bravely", which fully reflected the fine tradition of unity and cooperation and bravely climbing the peak.


From January 23 to 25, the granulation process and spraying process in the batching workshop, the self-pressing process and shaping process in the pressing workshop, the sintering operation process in the sintering workshop, the flat grinding process and the cylindrical grinding process in the deep processing workshop successively conducted skill competitions in the form of on-site practical operations. The participating employees showed the calm, confident and enterprising demeanour of the new era employees. With the blessing of advanced equipment, the participants completed the processing of the competition products with extremely high efficiency, and the quality inspection personnel carried out on-site inspection and scoring according to the evaluation standards.


On January 26, the participants made the final sprint for the competition! All the skill competition personnel participated in the written examination of safety production, process standard, quality control, equipment maintenance, on-site management and so on. Under the supervision of the Enterprise Management Audit Department, the R & D Center, the Quality Assurance Department and the Human Resources Department conducted a sealed written examination.


After four competition days, the first employee skills competition was successfully concluded. The 40 employees participating in the competition all met the standard requirements, and the number of people with a comprehensive score of more than 80 points reached 80%.


Liao Mao, the leader of the company, fully affirmed the employee skills competition, and said that through the employee skills competition, it will further stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to love the enterprise, rally people's hearts and boost morale, and form a strong atmosphere of "catching up with learning" in the company. it will also help the company achieve its production and operation goals and improve product quality, and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the enterprise.