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The company carries out scientific evaluation of job value and builds a platform for employee growth.

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In order to build a salary system with external competitiveness and internal fairness, scientifically evaluate the value of talents, and promote the upgrading of the talent construction system, on April 9, 2024, the company organized a special meeting on job value evaluation.

This special meeting was presided over by the company's leader Liao Mao, and 23 people including various business units, functional departments, and employee representatives attended the meeting. In order to ensure the smooth development of job value evaluation, improve the scientificity and rationality of the evaluation, and enhance the recognition of employees, the company invited management consulting expert Yang Fang to conduct training and guidance.
This job value evaluation work covers a total of 76 jobs in all divisions and functional departments of our company. The company successfully carried out job value evaluation, transparent evaluation standards, evaluation procedures, evaluation results will help employees understand and agree with the value orientation of the enterprise, clear the direction of their own efforts in the future.