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Trade Union Change Promotes Development, Initial Heart Not to Change New Articles

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Trade Union Change Promotes Development, Initial Heart Not to Change New Articles

The Ninth Trade Union Member Congress of Jinan Metallurgical Institute Held Successfully


On the afternoon of April 16, the 9th Trade Union Member Congress of Jinan Metallurgical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the large conference room on the fifth floor of the company's office building. Shouldering the great trust of all cadres and employees, employee representatives from various positions of the company gathered together. In fact, 50 employee (member) representatives participated in the meeting. Nie Yonghui, secretary of the company's party branch, attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

Representatives of all participating employees (members) elected the 9th trade union members by secret ballot (in order of surname pinyin): Deng Lifang, Shi Jiuxu, Sun Minghao, Li Tianfei, Yang Kai, Zhang Qiuju and Zhang Bin.

The first meeting of the Ninth Trade Union Committee was held simultaneously, and Comrade Shi Jiuxu was elected as the chairman of the trade union. After consultation and approval at the first meeting of the 10th Trade Union Committee, three comrades Li Tianfei, Yang Kai, and Zhang Bin formed the 9th Economic Review Committee of the Trade Union, and Comrade Li Tianfei was elected as the director of the Economic Review Committee; Deng Lifang, Zhang Qiuju, and Xiao Yaling Comrades formed the 9th Women Workers Committee of the Trade Union, and Comrade Zhang Qiuju was the director of the Women Workers Committee.

 The general election of the trade union committee, on the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions, adheres to the principles of openness, fairness and democracy, fully reflects the true wishes of employees, and is of great significance for strengthening the self-construction of the trade union and promoting the development of the company's production.

At the meeting, Shi Jiuxu, elected chairman of the Ninth Trade Union, made a statement.

Nie Yonghui, secretary of the general party branch of the company, delivered a speech on behalf of the company's leaders. In his speech, Secretary Nie congratulated the ninth trade union committee elected by the general election and expressed his gratitude for the outstanding contributions made by the previous trade union committee.

This meeting successfully completed various agendas in a strong atmosphere of democracy, harmony, unity, and pragmatism, and achieved the expected results. At the same time, Jinan Metallurgical Institute calls on the majority of cadres and employees to once again sound the clarion call of the times for a new journey, with a more uplifting work spirit, an indomitable work will, and a conscientious work attitude, to successfully complete the goals and tasks of 2024, in order to create A new situation in Jinan Metallurgical Institute and strive hard! To make new contributions to promoting the high-quality transformation and development of Jinan Metallurgical Institute!