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2024 "Start the first lesson" safety education and training

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In order to firmly establish the idea that "the first thing to do when starting work is to stress safety and pay attention to safety", mobilize all employees to effectively overcome the slack and carelessness during the holidays, enhance safety awareness, and effectively prevent safety accidents during the resumption of work and production, on the morning of February 18, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection organized all employees of the company to carry out safety training activities of "the first lesson of construction.
Sun Xingbo, manager of the safety and environmental protection department, presided over the meeting and asked all departments to attach great importance to the safety training, carry out in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers on the spot, prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, find and eliminate potential safety hazards in advance, unify the ideological understanding, compact the responsibility of safe production, and constantly improve the safety awareness of employees.
The company leader Liao Mao requires all cadres and employees to focus on the following points: First, they must return to their positions and enter the state, and require all employees to quickly adjust their mental state; second, safety is the foundation and foundation of all work, without safety, Everything is zero; third, clarify ideas, invigorate the spirit, create a new situation in various work, and strive to complete the annual goals and tasks; fourth, change the style of work, do hard work, and improve the team quality. And emphatically put forward the following requirements: the company should further implement the main responsibility of safety at all levels and posts, spare no effort to prevent and resolve safety risks, ensure the safe and orderly progress of various production tasks, and comprehensively strengthen the implementation of safety responsibilities. the safety and environment department and all workshops should earnestly do a good job in safety education and training, safety inspection, risk control, hidden danger management, anti-violation and other work at all levels, it is necessary to implement safety supervision and on-site safety inspections with full coverage, zero tolerance, and strict assessment, build a solid bottom line for safe production, and strive to achieve the goal of "zero" accidents in safe production throughout the year.


Teacher Li Jecun, a safety expert, has done safety education and training from the following aspects:
1. warning education on typical safety accident cases;
2. General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on production safety;
3. the People's Republic of China safety production law;
Regulations of Shandong Province on Work Safety in 4;
5. the provisions on the main responsibility of production safety of production and business units in Shandong Province;


Through the safety education and training of the "first lesson of commencement", all staff have a deeper understanding of the new "safety production law", and further improve the safety production awareness of all staff. At the same time, all departments timely concentrate on their work, so as to ensure the company's safe production and the successful completion of the annual objectives and tasks.