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Jinan Metallurgical Institute Held Initial Cleaning Training for TPM Equipment

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In order to improve the company's equipment management level, on March 15, 2024, the company carried out the initial cleaning training and learning of TPM equipment.
        Niu Yingdong, manager of the equipment power department, conducted training and study on "Introduction to TPM", "Why do you need to carry out initial equipment cleaning" and "Ideas and procedures for initial equipment cleaning. Manager Niu Yingdong analyzed the current situation of equipment in each production workshop in combination with the actual management of the company's equipment, and made an in-depth interpretation of "cleaning is spot inspection.
Finally, manager Niu Yingdong combed the ideas and processes of equipment cleaning and issued equipment cleaning plans to all production units.
The company's quality director, Mr. Si Chaoqiang, affirmed the explanation given by manager Niu Yingdong, and pointed out that the initial cleaning of equipment is not a matter of one person and one workshop, but the whole staff participates in the preservation. All production units are required to actively cooperate and actively participate in the initial cleaning activities of the equipment, and jointly contribute to the progress and development of the company.