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The company recently carried out lean management training

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       In order to further improve the company's lean management level, on December 12, the company invited Liu Zhen, head of the lean management promotion office of the head office (tongyu heavy industry), to carry out special training on lean management around lean management concepts, tools and methods.
Liu Zhen gave lectures on "what is lean management", "why enterprises should implement lean management", "how to carry out lean management" and other aspects, and combined with the analysis of successful cases of lean management in the head office. explain in detail how to solve the pain and difficult problems of enterprises through lean production management methods, so as to improve the economic benefits of enterprises. At the same time, the heads of various departments and Liu Zhen conducted a professional analysis on the key points, doubts and difficulties in the lean management of the current metallurgical institute. due to time constraints, the participants all expressed their unfinished interests and looked forward to more opportunities for learning and exchange with the lean promotion office of the head office.

     Liao Mao, the leader of the company, affirmed the training and proposed that with the increasingly fierce market competition, how to improve production efficiency and reduce costs has become an important topic for the sustainable development of enterprises. Lean management as a pursuit of excellence in management mode, has been proved by many enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of management. It also requires the company's lean improvement department to carry out overall planning and rapid implementation of lean management, and all production units and logistics support departments to respond quickly and actively cooperate.