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Jinan Metallurgical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. New Materials and Cemented Carbide Technical Transformation Project (Phase I) Completed Environmental Protection Self-acceptance Publicity

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In accordance with the relevant provisions of the technical guidelines and procedures for the acceptance of environmental protection for the completion of construction projects,2023Year4Month8day,Jinan Metallurgical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd.organized for thisThe company's new materials and cemented carbide technical transformation project (phase I)EngineeringCompletion of environmental protectioncarried outSelf-acceptance site inspection. The units participating in the on-site inspection areMonitoring and2Invited experts. The Working Group on Acceptance heardConstruction UnitJinan Metallurgical Science Research Institute Co., Ltd,Acceptance report preparation unitShandong Daiquan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.Regarding the report on the environmental protection implementation of the project and the environmental protection acceptance monitoring of the completion, the construction and operation of the project and environmental protection facilities were inspected on site, and the relevant information was reviewed and verified. After careful study and discussion, an acceptance opinion was formed and a request for rectification was made,Cutoff4Month15day,All rectification contents have been completed, and it is unanimously agreed that the project has passed the environmental protection acceptance of the construction project after inspection by the acceptance team. The acceptance opinions of the project are now (see annex1) and acceptance monitoring report (see annex2) to be publicized.

The publicity period is2023Year4Month25Day—2023Year5Month15Day (20 days of publicity).

If the public has any opinions and suggestions on the construction project, they can be reflected to the construction unit within the publicity period. Please leave your contact information (name, address, telephone number or E-mail) for timely reply and feedback.

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